Silvia Lisboa

(Crystal Collector)

Silvia Lisboa was introduced to the healing power of crystals in 2010 after Zion Zeta experienced her spiritual awakening and began to dig deeper for more information to assist herself on her spiritual journey and also to help and assist her mother and aunt on their journeys while on her new path to awakening to her true self.

Since then, a growing interest in crystals became evident in Silvia after she started to tune in to herself and her childhood memories of always playing in and deeply enjoying nature and faeries through some of Zion’s crystals. Zion Zeta then led her to have her own crystals for her to connect with on her own and receive spiritual guidance during meditation.

Now, it is Silvia’s intention as well as Zion to share with you the healing power and magic of the crystal kingdom so that you too can connect to your inner self and bring it out, so that you can be of service to the world and shine your light!

Zion Zeta

(Crystal Collector + Webmaster)

Zion Zeta is a Senior student from DeVry University, ET contactee, tarot expert, author, podcaster, gamer and an intuitive artist from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, currently living somewhere in the United States. By day she is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Multimedia Design and Development and by night she is the host of The Spiritual Alien Podcast.

In mid 2016, one month shy of releasing her first book “Connecting The Stars,” her life purpose as a tarot reader took an unexpected turn while designing her book cover, leading her to create her own 3D art of ET beings that she already wrote about on her book and has been doing it for the public ever since.

It is Zion Zeta’s joy and pleasure to introduce you to Mother Zeta and the love they share for crystals and their healing, magical power that you too are able to tune in to and receive for yourself when you hold one of these crystal communicators in your hands.


“Together, we have joined forces to bring YOU some of our beloved crystals from our almost decade-long collection. Because of the many years we have had these crystals with us, unfortunately there may be one or two that we are not able to identify.


We are offering them in small batches in the shop to be able to package and ship them to you in a timely manner.


They spent their years being recharged with love, peace, prana, incense, salt and a bit of sunlight, but mostly surrounded by my mother’s plants that she has intuitively grown and taken care of.


Usually used during meditation or to bring balance to our home, they have not been exposed to harsh environments or cleansing methods, so they are in excellent conditions both physically and spiritually.


It is our intention that they help you on your spiritual journey and assist you in integrating the higher energies currently entering our planet to prepare us for Ascension!”


“When my mother asked me to sell some of her crystals, I decided to create a website for her. I started brainstorming and visualizing her brand.

She’s always been a huge lover of nature, the faeries, gnomes, crystals and anything nature-related, so I immediately knew that her website HAD to have green as the dominant color which happens to also be one of her favorite colors.

Her name, Silvia, is a Latin word for Silva which is ‘forest’ while the meaning of it is ‘spirit of the wood’ or ‘from the forest.’ This, as well as The Hobbit trilogy and LOTRs which are two of our favorite movie titles all inspired me to come up with the name for her website, font choice and image references as well.

My intention when people visit the website is that they feel safe and nurtured as they enter a magical forest with a hidden home where two ladies will help you discover yourself and come home to your true self.”

~ Zion Zeta
Web + Graphic & Brand Designer